Strike King Bitsy Bug 3.5g (1/8oz) Weedless Mini Jig – Okeechobee Craw


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Strike King

The Strike King Bitsy Bug is a small skirted jig, great for dropping into inaccessible swims, undercut banks and snaggy/weedy areas. Nylon bristles on the front of the jig act as a weedguard to prevent the hook from snagging (these can be easily shortened or thinned if required). The multi strand silicon skirt ensures that even a small twitches and hops will give the jig some lifelike movement. For added attraction, try adding a soft plastic grub, worm or crayfish to the hook (there is a small barb on the shank to keep trailers securely attached). These lures will take a variety of species in both fresh and salt water.

Length (approx): 2.3″ (5.8cm)

Weight of head: 3.5g (1/8oz)

Total lure weight: 7g

Hook size: 2/0

Colour: Okeechobee Craw (see photo)