Nikko-Kasei 3.2″ Okiami Shrimp – Angry Orange (5pcs)


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The Nikko Kasei Okiami Shrimp looks good enough to eat! Incredibly lifelike and produced from an innovative new material that is biodegradeable, lightweight, buoyant and incredibly soft and supple. These shrimps have amazing detail and will fool even the wariest of fish. They are also scented with Nikko’s proprietary blend of all natural, fish attracting ingredients. Unlike other biodegradable lures, they do not need to be kept in liquid and will not dry out and become hard. Another feature is their elasticity, each shrimp will stretch several times it’s original length without breaking. This makes them tough, each lure will last a long time and catch numerous fish.

Originally designed for catching snapper, the Okiami Shrimp is now used worldwide for a huge variety of species. They work very well on a drop shot rig, can also be used on a split shot or Texas rig, or fished on a jig heador flex head. Each shrimp has a vertical hole through the carapace, which can either be used to aid rigging or to hold additional scent. Designed and manufactured in Japan by craftsmen who fish, 5pcs per pack.

*Do not mix these lures with other soft plastics. We recommend storing them in the original packaging*

Length: 3.2″ (80mm)

Weight: 2.3g

Angry Orange (see photo)

£8.99 per pack

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