Crazy Fish 5″ Floating Glider – 8D Orange Coffee (6pcs)


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This version of the Crazy Fish Glider is made from floating soft plastic, which gives it a natural buoyancy once rigged. Designed for use with a Flex Head, jig head or drop shot rig, the fine, tapering tail is sensitive enough to vibrate at the slightest twitch of your line and gives the Glider a genuinely lifelike quality (see link to video clip below). There is a generous hook slot on the lure’s back to aid weedless rigging. The Floating Glider is scented and contains real squid oil, helping to encourage more confident takes. 6pcs per pack.

Length: 5″ (12cm)

Weight: 6.5g

Colour: 8D Orange Coffee (see photo)

Scent: Squid

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