Big Bite 3.3″ Swimming Jerk Minnow – Watermelon Ghost (10pcs)


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Big Bite Baits have taken their popular Jerk Minnow and increased it’s versatility by adding a paddle tail. These lures can rigged with a wide gape hook (weighted or unweighted) or a jig head. Whether you use a steady retrieve or dart them around in the water, the tail provides additional kicking action. The Swimming Jerk Minnow has a slim streamlined body and features a generous belly slot underneath, along with a grooved back to aid weedless rigging. Scented with ‘Bite Juice’ for added attraction. Excellent lures for zander, pike, perch, bass and pollack. Made in the USA, 10pcs per pack.

TIP – The paddle tails on these lures can sometimes get flattened whilst in the packet. If that happens, dip the tails into a bowl of freshly boiled water for a few seconds to straighten them out.

Length: 3.3″ (8.4cm)  – packaging lists these lures as 4″ but 3.3″ is the true size

Weight: 5g

Colour: Watermelon Red Ghost (see photo)

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