Lindy 0.75″ Techni-Glo Split Tail – Glow Chartreuse (10pcs)


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This is about as ultralight as you can get! Part of Lindy’s Techni-Glo range, these tiny soft plastics measure just 2cm in length and are designed to tempt the smallest of predators. They need to be fished on a suitably tiny hook and fine line. They can be rigged on the smallest jig heads we sell (Finesse Jig head in size 12) and will also work on a split shot rig or even under a float. If you want to add gudgeon or minnows to your list of lure caught species, give these a try. Made in USA, 10pcs per pack.

**As the name implies, these lures glow in the dark. For the brightest glow, hold in front of a bright torch for a few seconds before use. 

Length: 0.75″ (2cm)

 Glow Chartreuse (see photo)

£1.25 per pack

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