Owner Beast Twistlock Hook – size 8/0 (3pcs)


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Owner’s Beast Hooks with Twistlock Centering-Pin Spring (CPS) are designed for weedless rigging of larger soft plastics like big swimbaits, tubes and creature baits. Lures can be permanently secured by inserting the pin into the centre of the soft plastic ‘nose’ and screwed on. A ‘quick-drop’ shank below the hook eye allows for rigging fat headed lures, and the maximum gap allows for improved hook sets because of better clearance. Ideal for both fresh and saltwater fishing, features include a maximum wide gap, a XXX-strong forged shank, Super Needle Point, and black chrome finish. 3pcs per pack.


Size: 8/0

Length (measured from eye to bend): 68mm

Width of gape: 32mm

Model Ref:  5130-181