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Mister Twister 2.75″ G-Grub – Hornet (10pcs)


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Mister Twister

The G-Grub from Mister Twister is a nice alternative to the standard curly tail grub. It features a slim, curved body with a twin, frilled dorsal fin that extends the whole length of the body. Once rigged on a jig head or cheb head (a size 4 hook is a good match), the elongated tail provides a twisting, vibrating action. You can swim this lure through the water, or hop/crawl it along the bottom to mimic an aquatic worm. The G-Grub offers a different profile and action, which can often induce a take when other soft plastics aren’t proving effective. This lure measures approximately 2.75″ (7cm), although the packaging lists them as 2 inches, please refer to the photo for actual size. Made in the USA, 10pcs per pack.

Size (with tail extended): 2.75″ (7cm)

Weight: 2.7g

Colour: Hornet (see photo)