Lunker City 3″ Slug-Go – Rainbow Trout (20pcs)


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Lunker City

The Lunker City Slug-Go is a slender lure that can be brought to life in the water with taps, pulls and twitches of the rod tip. This lure produces a realistic imitation of a dying or distressed baitfish/sandeel and fully deserves it’s excellent reputation. This is the smallest version measuring 3.3″ (8.4cm) long, fished on a light set up they make superb lures for perch and smaller pike, as well as bass, pollack and other saltwater predators. Slug-Gos are great fun to use, once rigged weedless (see examples opposite) they can be thrown into any likely looking areas and worked around weeds and other obstructions without fear of getting hung up. Also very effective as drop shot lures or when hopped along the bottom on a jig head (nose can be chopped down to fit the jig head more snugly). Made in the USA, 20pcs per pack.

Length: 3.3″ (8.4cm)

Weight: 2g

Colour: Rainbow Trout (see photo)

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