Lindy 2.75″ Darter – Purple Smelt


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The Lindy Darter Lure is a lure originally designed for ice fishing but it is also a great option for vertical jigging from boats, piers and other spots with direct access to deep water under the rod tip. Featuring a high definition, flashy holographic finish and an extremely loud rattle chamber, the Darter will call in predatory fish from a good distance. With pulls and flicks of the rod tip, this lure will dart around erratically and then drops back down with a natural, rolling swimming action. It can be cast into deeper water and retrieved with a ‘sink & draw’ motion but is really best suited to vertical jigging. Fitted with 2 x premium treble hooks.

Size: 2.75″ (70mm)

Weight: 18g

Colour: Purple Smelt (see photo)