Joes Flies Short Striker Size 8 – Gold/Joes Favourite


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Joe’s Flies Short Striker is an exceptional trout spinner-fly that will also tempt perch and chub. Made in the USA using premium quality components, including a highly polished colorado blade that rotates efficiently, even on very slow retrieves. The durable, hand tied fly is beautifully finished on a size 8 hook and features a tiny stinger treble, to ensure that tail nippers can’t avoid being hooked. These are very light spinners, weighing just 1g, and are best suited to small streams and rivers. They will still catch fish in deeper water but you might need to add one or two split shot to your trace to help with casting and reaching  the required depth.

Tip – Try snipping one of the points off the stinger treble. This won’t affect the hook up rate but makes unhooking smaller fish so much easier.

Length: 2.5″ (6.4cm)

Weight: 1g

Blade size: 1 (17mm)

Colour: Gold/Joe’s Favourite (see photo)

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