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Hester Blade 10g – Speckled Silver Shad

Hester Fishing


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The Hester Blade is a flashy, metal lure that generates a fast, vibrating action on the retrieve and will tempt most UK predatory species. Blade baits can be fished with a straight cast and retrieve, jigged vertically or worked back in a series of jerks, pausing to allow the lure to fall between each pull. The flash and commotion provided by this type of lure can often prompt takes from fish that have ignored more subtle presentations. Fitted with 2 x VMC trebles, the 10g Hester Blade comes fitted with a split ring and swivel for attachment to your line (although for convenience, we recommend using a small Quick Lock snap).

Weight: 10g

Length: 1.6″ (40mm)

Color: Speckled Silver Shad (see photo)

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