Hester Big Shallow Shad – Roach


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Hester Fishing

The big brother of Hester’s popular Shallow Shad, with added weight and a larger body. As it’s name implies, this is a great lure for searching shallow bays or swimming over the top of features such as weedbeds, drop-offs or submerged snags. This lure produces an enticing wobble on the retrieve and features a loud rattle to attract the attention of passing predators. An excellent lure for pike and chub, the Big Shallow Shad has a bright, detailed finish, realistic 3D eyes and is fitted with 2 x VMC size 4 treble hooks. Made in Poland under strict quality control, each lure is individually tank tested before leaving the factory.

Size: 3.5″ (90mm)

Weight: 21g

Diving Depth: 1 – 2.5ft (0.3-0.8m)

Colour: Roach (see photo)