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Fantasia Fugitive 85 – GY


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Fantasia Lures

Fantasia is a Serbian company who produce handcrafted lures of stunning quality and colour. This model is the Fugitive, a slender, sinking jerkbait with a humped back. As with all Fantasia lures, it features realistic 3D eyes, finely detailed body markings and a superb hand painted finish. Length is 85mm (3.3 inches), weight is 10.8 grams and this lure is fitted with 2 x size 6 treble hooks. It can be worked quickly near the surface or allowed to sink to the required depth, then retrieved with plenty of jerks, twitches and pauses. The bright flanks produce a lot of flash, making it a deadly lure for pike, perch, bass and pollack. The Fugitive’s streamlined profile also means that it can be cast a good distance, an excellent lure for searching out predators.

Length: 3.3″ (85mm)

Weight: 10.8g

Colour: GY (see photo)

Price: £6.99