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Crazy Fish Trophy Series 7.8″ Slim Shaddy – C12 Smoked Roach


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Crazy Fish

The Crazy Fish Slim Shaddy features a big paddle tail, which moves plenty of water and provides a natural swimming action on the retrieve. As the name implies, this lure has a thin body containing a generous belly slot and grooved back for weedless rigging (see photos opposite). These slots make the body more flexible and enable it to collapse when a fish takes, which makes for solid hook ups. Length is 7.8 inches (20cm) and weight is 63g. This lure is part of the Crazy Fish Trophy Series and features a fantastic ‘designer’ paint finish, each shad is individually packaged to ensure that the tail remains perfectly straight.

Length: 7.8″ (20cm)

Weight: 63g

Colour: C12 Smoked Roach (see photo)