Crazy Fish Offset Joint Hook – Size 1 (10pcs)


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The Crazy Fish Offset Joint Hook is designed to be used with Jiggle/Flex Heads but is also ideal for use on weedless Texas, split shot and drop shot rigs. The extra large eye on these hooks gives them a wide range of movement once attached to a Flex Head (or quick change snap), which in turn gives your lure extra freedom to produce a more natural action (see photo opposite for examples of rigging). This is a lightweight, fine wire hook, with a wide gap, offset shank, small barb and black nickel finish. The Crazy-Fish Offset Joint Hook is available in smaller sizes than most offset hooks, which gives you the option of weedless rigging a wider range of soft plastics. Excellent value for money, 10pcs per pack.

Size: 1

Length (measured from eye to bend): 44mm

Width of gape: 15mm

Links to lures featured in photo opposite:

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AGM 3″ Crayfish

Big Bite 4″ Jerk Minnow

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