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Big Bite 3.5″ Warmouth – Shad (4pcs)


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Big Bite Baits

The Big Bite Warmouth is a shad type lure that’s designed to be rigged weedless. Commonly used on a Texas rig, this lure can be twitched or hopped along to imitate a bottom feeding bait fish. Great for tackling snaggy areas, the Warmouth is made from extra supple plastic and has a very deep cut belly slot (see photo) that makes it extremely flexible, great for hook ups on weedless rigs. In shallow margins, it can be rigged weightless and twitched around to imitate an injured fish. A versatile lure that can also be nose hooked, wacky rigged or used on a jig head. Featuring large, realistic eyes, vibrant colours and a sensitive twin tail. Each pack contains 4pcs.

Length: 3.5″ (10cm)


Shad (see photo)

£4.25 per pack

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