AGM Floating Finesse Jig Head Size 4 – Chartreuse (5pcs)


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The AGM Floating Finesse Jig Head is ideal for fishing small soft plastic worms, grubs etc with a suspending or floating presentation. You can use them in the conventional way to present a slow falling or suspending lure in shallow water, useful for fishing above weed beds and other features. Another option is to use some weight up the line (a drilled worm/bullet weight or split shot will work). The weight will keep your rig on the bottom but the floating jig head will rise up to provide a more visible target for passing predators. This method can make it possible to present a suspended lure in places where a regular jig head would be lost amongst the weeds. Featuring a nice, bright paint finish with ‘target’ eye. The hooks are size 4, light wire, bronze finish. 5pcs per pack.

 Chartreuse (see photo)

Hook Size:

Length (measured from eye to bend): 23mm

Width of gape: 9mm

£2.45 per pack

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