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AGM Drop Shot Grip Swivel 15mm (10pcs)


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Grip Swivels are normally found in drop shot weights, they have a standard round eye at one end and a cleverly designed, line gripping eye at the other. These swivels can be attached to any weights, effectively turning them into drop shot weights (use a split ring, small clip or even tie them to your chosen weight). Once threaded onto your line, the gripping eye will hold the weight firm but release under pressure (ie when snagged). This enables you to change depth without changing your rig, simply move the weight up or down, pull the line into the line grip and carry on fishing. If you require a stronger hold, tie a simple overhand knot on the line and pull it into the grip. An alternative is to tie the swivel to the bottom of your drop shot rig and attach the weight via a length of mono, which again will pull free if you get snagged (see photo opposite). Black finish, 10pcs per pack.

Length (inc. eyes): 15mm

£1.50  per pack