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AGM 7″ Serpent – Arkansas Shad (6pcs)


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The AGM Serpent is a hand poured, segmented, slug type lure that produces a wonderful action in the water. On a slow retrieve, subtle twitches of the rod tip will see this lure swimming back with a lovely ‘S-shaped’ pattern. Speeding things up and making the jerks and twitches more erratic will give you the random, sinuous action of a distressed or injured baitfish. The Serpent is best rigged weedless on a Texas rig or weighted wide gape hook to create the best action (a size 5/0 hook is a good fit for the first body section). It will also catch plenty of fish when used with a jig head in deeper water, twitching or hopping along the bottom can be a very effective tactic. Originally designed with bass in mind, this lure is also excellent for tempting pollack and other saltwater predators. In freshwater it excels as a pike lure and will also tempt zander and big perch. 6pcs per pack.

Length: 7″ (17.8cm)


 Arkansas Shad (see photo)

£3.99 per pack