Poor Boys 3.5" Tube - Golby (20pcs)

Poor Boys 3.5" Tube - Golby (20pcs)

Poor Boys 3.5\" Tube - Golby (20pcs)
Poor Boys Baits
Brand Poor Boys Baits
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Product Description

Poor Boys Tubes are packed with salt and have a hollow body approximately 1.75 inches (4.5cm) in length. The rest of this lure is a long, multi-strand skirt that provides all the action. Tubes are normally rigged on a jig head but can also be used on a Carolina/Texas rig or wacky rigged. Great for pike, perch and saltwater predators such as wrasse and pollack. Excellent value for money, there are a generous 20pcs per pack (made in the USA).

Size: 3.5" (10cm)

Weight: 7.5g

Colour: Golby (see photo)

Price: £3.99 per pack