Netbait 5.5" Slim Shake Worm - Red Bug (25pcs)

Netbait 5.5" Slim Shake Worm - Red Bug (25pcs)

Netbait 5.5\" Slim Shake Worm - Red Bug (25pcs)
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Brand Netbait
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Product Description

The Slim Shake Worm from Netbait was designed for use with a shakey head but also excels on a drop shot rig or weedless Carolina/Texas set up. The slim design also gives this worm plenty of action when wacky rigged. With added salt, anise scent and pork fat, fish take these lures confidently and hold on long enough for you to set the hook. Equally effective when trimmed down to shorter lengths for finesse rigs. Also great value for money with so many worms per pack. Made in USA, 25pcs per pack.

Length: 5.5" (14cm)


 Red Bug (see photo)

£3.99 per pack