YUM 6.5" Money Minnow - Rainbow Trout (3pcs)

YUM 6.5" Money Minnow - Rainbow Trout (3pcs)

YUM 6.5\" Money Minnow - Rainbow Trout (3pcs)
Brand YUM
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Product Description

The YUM Money Minnow is a hollow bellied swimbait with a large paddle tail, which kicks nicely on the retrieve and creates lots of turbulence. This lure needs to be rigged with a large, weighted, wide gape hook (size 6/0 or 7/0) to get the best swimming action. There is a 'hidden' belly slot, covered in a thin layer of plastic, which adds some buoyancy when working the lure slowly. Once rigged correctly, you can swim them right through weedy areas without getting snagged. Each Money Minnow has large realistic eyes and subtle, lifelike colours. 3pcs per pack.

6.5" (16.5cm)


Rainbow Trout (see photo)

£3.99 per pack