AGM Mini Wacky Jig Head 1.4g - Size 8 (5pcs)

AGM Mini Wacky Jig Head 1.4g - Size 8 (5pcs)

AGM Mini Wacky Jig Head 1.4g - Size 8 (5pcs)
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These are specialist weighted hooks, designed for wacky rigging soft plastic worms. Wacky rigging is basically hooking the worm through the centre and fishing 'sink & draw' fashion. Takes will often come on the drop but a lure twitched close to the bottom can also bring good results. The weighted shank helps to create a pendulum action on the fall, which enhances the action of the worm, giving the tips a lively wiggle. This is a great method for searching likely looking holes in weedbeds and snags, where other lures can't be used.

The hooks used are Mustad Bronze Wide Gape Bait Hooks, which are very strong for their size (commonly used by catfish anglers in the USA). The wide gape allows your worm to sit nicely in the bend, leaving the hook point exposed. They also feature a slightly reversed point and offset bend, which ensures your soft plastic remains in place and gives excellent hook sets. 5pcs per pack.


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