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Crazy Fish 5" Nimble - 3D Swamp Pearl (3pcs)

The Crazy Fish Nimble is a lifelike crayfish imitation, infused with squid scent for added appeal. This is the largest version, measuring nearly 5 inches (120mm) and weighing 12 grams, a decent mouthful for pike, zander and bass. The Nimble is a great choice for weedless rigs, the slightly flattened body shape and generous hook slot ensures solid hook ups (this size will take a 4/0 or 5/0 hook). This lure has a fantastic action, the cleverly designed claws flap enticingly as it falls through the water and produce a lovely swimming motion on a straight retrieve (see video link below). Best rigged on a flex head, jig head or weighted wide gape hook. 3pcs per pack.

*This colour is UV enhanced for additional visibility in the water

Click here to watch underwater footage of the Nimble in action

Length (including antenna): 5" (12cm)


Colour: 3D Swamp Pearl (see photo)

Scent: Squid

£4.99 per pack

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