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Lunker City 3.25" Fin-S Shad - Alewife (10pcs)

The Fin-S Shad is a chunkier version of Lunker City's popular Fin-S Fish, which retains the tapering profile and forked tail but features a deeper belly with a genereous hook slot. There is also a groove on the back of each lure, which makes weedless rigging simple. When fished weightless, a jerky retrieve gives this lure a great action, similar to a dying or distressed fish. For deeper water they can be fished on a jig head or drop shot rig. The Fin-S Shad will take perch, pike and zander in freshwater and anything that eats fish in saltwater! 10pcs per pack.


Length: 3.25" (8.3cm)


Alewife (see photo)

£3.49 per pack

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