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Crazy Fish 1.2" Glider - Chartreuse & Blk/Red Watermelon (16pcs)

The Crazy Fish Glider is perfect for use with a finesse drop shot or split shot rig. It's fine, tapering tail is sensitive enough to vibrate at the slightest twitch of your line. The is the smallest version, measuring a tiny 1.2" (30mm) and weighing just 0.1g. The Glider is strongly scented, helping to encourage more confident takes. There are two colours in each pack (8pcs each colour, 16pcs in total), lures are nicely packaged to keep them as straight as possible.

*These colours are UV enhanced for added visibiliy in the water

1.2" (30mm)


 6 Chartreuse & 68 Black/Red Watermelon (see photo)

Scent: Squid

Price: £3.85 per pack

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