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Windex Nail Spoon Set 2.5g/3g/3.5g - Chart/Green/Orange (3pcs)

This set contains three Windex Nail Spoons, weighing 2.5g, 3g and 3.5g. These small spoons were designed for trout but are also excelllent lures for perch and chub. Featuring a bright paint finish with polished gold reverse side, the 2.5g and 3g spoons are fitted with a single Power Point hook and the 3.5g version is armed with a Power Point treble hook.

Length: 28mm (1.1")

Weight: 2.5g, 3g & 3.5g (see photo)

Colour: Chartreuse/Green/Fluo Orange (see photo)

Reverse: Plain Gold

Price: £8.25

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