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Big Hammer 9" Sledgehammer Swimbait - Psycho (2pcs)

The long, slim tapering design of Big Hammer's Sledgehammer swimbait was originally designed to imitate large baitfish, such as mackerel or herring. It has proven to be a very versatile performer in both fresh and saltwater. The supple, hand poured plastic gives these lures a great swimming action on the drop, making them a good choice for deeper water. They can be rigged on a large jig head, size 6/0 or bigger and are more effective when used in conjunction with a stinger treble. Alternatively, try rigging them on a large, wide gape hook for searching shallow weedy areas. The flexible square tail will flap and kick even at the slowest speeds. If you want a large, slug type bait, try removing the tail and fishing them as a jerkbait. The Sledgehammer will tempt big bass, cod, pollack and pike. 2pcs per pack.

Length: 9" (23cm)

Weight: 42g (1.5oz)

Colour: Psycho (see photo)

Price: £5.99 per pack


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