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Rapture BB Crank 05 - Gold Ayu

The BB Crank is floating lure from Rapture's Pro Series of crankbaits, designed to tempt lethargic fish from the water's surface layer. It produces a nice wobble on even the slowest of retrieves and includes a loud internal ratle chamber for added attraction. Fitted with 2 x size 10 treble hooks in black nickel finish, the BB Crank also features big, 3D live eyes and innovative colour patterns. This lure helped the Hungarian team lift the World Boat Predator title in 2012, tempting asp from shallow river margins. If chub are your quarry, give this lure a try!

Size: 1.8" (45mm)


Depth: 0-0.5m (0-1.6ft)

 Gold Ayu (see photo)


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