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Lindy Watsit Jig 1.4g - Pink/Silver Flake (2pcs + 2 spare grubs)

The Watsit Grub is a small insect/crayfish type lure with a fat, ribbed body, four legs and a sensitive V-Tail. The super thin tail responds well to twitches and vibrations, providing a subtle, natural action that entices predators to strike. This pack contains two pre-rigged grubs and two spare grubs. The grubs are rigged on matching, painted jig heads which weigh 0.9 grams and have a size 8 light wire, bronze hook (see photo). 

1.25" (3.2cm)

Total Weight: 1.4g

Jig Head Weight: 0.9g

Colour: Pink/Silver Flake (see photo)

Price: £0.99 per pack

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