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Lindy Ice Worm Jig Head 0.9g Green Chartreuse - Size 12 (2pcs)

The Lindy Ice Worm is a jig head that was designed for ice fishing in the USA. It's clever design helps to keep your lure horizontal when fished under the rod tip, giving a very natural presentation. Great for vertical jigging from boats, piers, rocks or any locations where fish can be found close to the bank (canal near shelf, undercut river banks, locks etc). Featuring a bright paint finish and target eye, made with light wire, round bend, bronze hooks. These jig heads are perfect for rigging tiny finesse lures, such as mini grubs, insects or sections of worm. Made in USA, 2pcs per pack.

Colour: Green Chartreuse (see photo)

Weight: 0.9g 

Hook size: 12

Length (measured from eye to bend): 12mm

Width of gape: 3.5mm

Price: £0.99 per pack

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