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Crazy Fish 2.8" Nano Minnow - 1 Olive (5pcs)

The Nano Minnow from Crazy Fish has a slim, flexible body that tapers to a rounded paddle tail. The body shape means that it is equally effective whether fished on a jig head or rigged weedless on a wide gape hook. Made with a super soft plastic formula, these lures provide lots of tail action and will still attract strikes when the retrieve is slowed right down. Featuring a highly detailed, lifelike head and fins (see photos above), this is a great imitation of slender bodied bait fish species, such as a goby or gudgeon. 5pcs per pack.

*Colour is UV enhanced for added visibility in the water

Length: 2.8" (70mm)


 1 Olive (see photo)

Scent: Squid/Shrimp

£3.20 per pack

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