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Crazy Fish Trophy Series 6.3" Slim Shaddy - C14 (2pcs)

The Crazy Fish Slim Shaddy features a big paddle tail, which moves plenty of water and provides a natural swimming action on the retrieve. As the name implies, this lure has a thin body containing a generous belly slot and grooved back for weedless rigging (see photos above). These slots make the body more flexible and enable it to collapse when a fish takes, which makes for solid hook ups. Length is 6.3 inches (16cm) and weight is 32g. This lure is part of the Crazy Fish Trophy Series and features a fantastic 'designer' paint finish. 2pcs per pack, lures are nicely packaged to ensure that the tails remain perfectly straight. 

To see underwater video footage of the Crazy Fish Slim Shaddy in action click here

Length: 6.3" (16cm)


 C14 (see photo)

£6.99 per pack

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