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Matzuo 3" Sterling Minnow Shad Body - Char (3pcs)

These Matzuo shad bodies are very similar to the old Fox Chubby shads, featuring a fat body, internal holo flash foil and a nice big tail that produces plenty of swimming action. Originally designed to be used with a matching shad type jig head but still work very well with a ball shaped jig head (a size 3/0 hook is a good match). Ball jig heads of 7g-10g will sit nicely in the crescent shaped cut out at the front of these shads. 3pcs per pack.

As the original, matching jig heads are no longer available, we are offering these shad bodies at the crazy price of £0.75 per pack!

3" (7.6cm)


Char (see photo)

£0.75 per pack

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