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Culprit 4" Incredi-Craw - Big Texan (6pcs)
£3.65 £2.99

The Culprit Incredi-Craw is a detailed crayfish imitation that has a large profile in the water, offering a good mouthful to hungry predators. The legs, supple claws and long antennae give this lure a lot of movement when worked along the bottom. The rounded body will take a size 4/0 or 5/0 jig head and for weedless rigs, a size 5/0 hook is required (see rigging suggestions above). Made in USA, 6pcs per pack.

You can watch a video review of this lure here 

Length (not including antennae): 4" (10cm)


 Big Texan (see photo)

Price: £3.65 per pack

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