Davis Paca Bug Football Jig 7g - Green Brown

The Davis Paca Bug Jig features a multi strand silicone skirt, which provides lots of movement in the water. The football head (rugby ball shaped) is finished in chip resistant paint. Made with a premium quality, medium wire, needle point Mustad hook in black nickel finish. There is a small keeper barb behind the head, which allows you to securely attach soft plastic grubs, worms or other trailers. Nylon bristles on the front of the jig help to guard the hook from snagging, these can be thinned out or shortened to suit any situation. Jigs will attract perch, pike, chub and zander, great for throwing into tight swims, undercut banks and snaggy areas where you suspect predators might be holed up. Made in the USA.

Weight: 7g (1/4oz)

 Green Brown (see photo)