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Crazy Fish 4" Cruel Leech - 25 Cold Pearl (12pcs)
£4.99 £3.25

This is a longer version of the popular Cruel Leech from Crazy Fish, which is an incredibly supple, finely detailed worm. It's deeply ribbed body is extremely reactive to any small vibrations and twitches. Suitable for most finesse methods, this lure can be used on a jig head, drop shot rig or split shot rig. It can be nose hooked, wacky rigged or fished weedless. The subtle, natural action combined with a strong scent attractant, makes the Cruel Leech a killer lure for all small predatory species. 12pcs per pack.

*This colour is UV enhanced for greater visibility in the water

Length: 4" (100mm)


25 Cold Pearl (see photo)

Scent: Squid

£4.99 per pack

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