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Crazy Fish 2" Active Slug - 1 Olive (10pcs)

The Active Slug from Crazy Fish has a flexible, ribbed body and supple, curly tail, which provides a lovely, swimming action on the retrieve. This lure suits a jig head or flex head (see photo above) but can also be fished weedless (there is a hook slot on top of the body to aid rigging). Equally effective in fresh or saltwater, it will catch a wide variety of species. Each Active Slug is scented with squid additive for extra attraction, 10pcs per pack. 

Click here to watch underwater video of the Active Slug in action

Length: 2" (50mm)


 1 Olive (see photo)

Scent: Squid

£2.99 per pack

Links below to hooks/jig heads for rigging (as shown in photo above):

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