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AT Products 4" Sandeel Soft Body - White Silver Sparkle (3pcs)

The AT Sandeel Soft Body is made from soft, super durable plastic, which is 'deep filled' with silver glitter to ensure a natural, lifelike shimmer. Jig it, crank it, bounce it or rip it, this lure is a true all rounder from rock marks to sandy beaches. The slender paddle tail will work on the slowest retrieves but speed things up and the whole body oscillates from side to side, just like a fleeing bait fish. 3pcs per pack.

Whilst they can be used with most jig heads, the Sandeel Soft Body is designed to match up with the Green Eyed Sandeel Jig Head for that perfect sandeel profiile and amazing swimming action (see photo above and link below). 

Length: 4" (10cm)


 White Silver Sparkle (see photo)

£3.50 per pack

Link below to matching jig heads:

AT Green-Eyed Sandeel Jig Head

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