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VMC 7239O Open Eye Barbless Spinner Hook - Size 12 (12pcs)

The VMC 7239O is a great choice for replacing treble hooks on spinners, spoons and small crankbaits. Featuring an enlarged, open eye (see photo above), which can be easily attached to the existing split rings or fittings on your chosen lure. Once in place, simply clamp the hook shut with a pair of pliers. These fine wire hooks are made from forged, high carbon steel for added strength and have a wide gape and long shank. They have an exceptionally sharp, barbless point, which is kind on the fish and makes unhooking a simple task, even with the smaller sizes. Black nickel finish, 8pcs per pack.

Size: 12

Length (measured from eye to bend):

Width of gape:

£2.99 per pack

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