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Big Hammer 5.5" Salt Shaker Worm - Cinnamon Blue (10pcs)

Designed specifically for drop shot rigs, the Salt Shaker Worm has proven to be an incredibly versatile finesse worm. The fat 'head' and skinny tail design, combined with a very heavy concentration of salt, gives this bait the density to achieve a nice horizontal fall when fished weightless. The tail will respond to the slightest vibration, these worms really don't need much movement to catch fish. Very effective on a jig head, the Salt Shaker can also be Texas rigged or fished wacky style. There isn't a wrong way to use this worm! 10pcs per pack.

5.5" (14cm)

Weight: 7g

 Cinnamon Blue (see photo)

£2.99 per pack

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