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Storm Wildeye Suspending Mullet - Pearl/Chart (+ spare hooks)

The Storm Wildeye Suspending Mullet is a soft bodied jerkbait. It's soft plastic exterior is moulded around a buoyant cork spine. This lure comes to life when twitched and jerked through the water, it will either suspend or sink slowly when you pause the retrieve (depending on the weight of your trace). The tail section is flexible and can bent at different angles to give the lure a variety of different actions. Featuring large red 'Wildeyes' and rigged with 2 x VMC sSaltwater treble hooks in permasteel finish. These simple but deadly lures are equally effective for predatory species in fresh or saltwater, superb value for money.

*This lure comes with a bonus replacement set of VMC treble hooks in red finish.

3.75" (9.5cm)

21g (3/4oz)

Pearl/Chartreuse (see photo)


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