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Crazy Fish 5.1" Magic Stick - 20 Kiwi (8pcs)
£4.99 £2.99

The Magic Stick from Crazy Fish is a UV enhanced straight worm, made from supple but durable soft plastic and infused with a strong squid scent. This worm can be fished in a number of ways but excels on a weedless or wacky rig, either weighted or unweighted. It can also be hopped or crawled along the bottom on a jig head or flex head, see the video link below for some underwater footage. More commonly used for sea species such as bass and wrasse, the Magic Stick will aso tempt freshwater predators. 8pcs per pack. 

Click here to watch underwater video of the Crazy Fish Magic Stick

Length: 5.1" (13cm)


 20 Kiwi (see photo)

Scent: Squid

£4.99 per pack

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