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Crazy Fish 1.8" Polaris - 50 Pink Flamingo (8pcs)

The Crazy Fish Polaris imitates a small worm or aquatic creature and can be fished in a variety of ways. The slender, supple body is deeply segmented, which gives this lure a lot of natural movement, no matter how it's rigged. This is the mini version, measuring just 1.8 inches (4.5cm), perfect for tempting the smallest of predators. The Polaris can be fished effectively on a jig head, flex head, drop shot or split shot rig (see photo above for some rigging examples) and will attract a wide variety of species. Each lure is also scented for added attraction. 8pcs per pack, lures are nicely packaged to ensure that the tails remain perfectly straight. 

Length: 1.8" (4.5cm)


 50 Pink Flamingo (see photo)

Scent: Shrimp

£3.25 per pack

Links below to hooks and jig heads featured in the above photo:

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