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Booyah Pad Crasher - Albino Frog

The Booyah Pad Crasher is a surface frog that is equally at home in thick weed or open water. The soft, hollow body is fitted with a super sharp, size 3/0 double hook, which is only exposed once a fish grabs hold of the lure. This weedless quality allows you to cast it into reeds, lilies etc without risk of getting the hook snagged. You can fish the Pad Crasher at any speed, an almost static approach with small twitches amongst the weeds can tempt finicky fish. On days where the predators are more active, a faster, 'walk the frog' retrieve across the surface will attract their attention. With realistic eyes and multi-strand silicon legs for added movement, this is a very effective lure.


Approximate Length (including legs):
5" (12.7cm)


 Albino Frog (see photo)