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Crazy Fish 4" Nimble - 26 Swamp (9pcs)

The Crazy Fish Nimble is a lifelike crayfish imitation, infused with squid scent for added appeal. A great choice for weedless rigs, the slightly flattened body shape and generous hook slot ensures solid hook ups. This lure has a fantastic action, the cleverly designed claws flap enticingly as the Nimble falls through the water and produce a lovely swimming motion on a straight retrieve (see video link below). Best rigged on a flex head, jig head or weighted wide gape hook, see the photo above for some suggestions. 9pcs per pack.

Click here to watch underwater footage of the Nimble in action

Length (including antenna): 4" (10cm)


Colour: 26 Swamp (see photo)

Scent: Squid

£6.50 per pack

Links below to hooks & jig heads featured in the above photos:

Crazy Fish Flex Heads            AGM Premium Ball Jig Heads

AGM Premium Dart Jig Heads            Mustad Weighted Wide Gape Hook

Crazy Fish Offset Joint Hook - size 1        
 Crazy Fish Wide Range Offset Hook - size 2/0

Gamakatsu EWG Worm Hook - size 2/0      Matzuo Wide Gap Worm Hook - size 3/0

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