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Yo-Zuri Aile Goby - Blue Shad

This tiny, sinking crankbait from Yo-Zuri is a miniature work of art. The tight wobble and independent tail movement will attract the attention perch, trout, chub and smaller pike. The Aile Goby is a beautifully finished little lure, a delight to use on ultra light gear.

Here's what the manufacturer has to say: "The Aile Goby has an independent fanned tail that continues to flutter when the retrieve is stopped. The highly detailed etched finish and over-sized holographic eyes add an even higher level of realism to the lure's tight side-to-side action. These will run to a depth of 3 feet and are equally effective with a steady or stop-and-go retrieve."

1.4" (3.6cm)


Blue Shad (see photo)

Price: £3.99

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