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AT products AT100 Crankbait - Sardine
£5.99 £3.99

The AT100 is a slender, minnow shaped crankbait with a nice, tight swimming action. Featuring bright, holographic colours, internal rattle and realistic 3D eyes, it has a genuine lifelike quality. Made from durable plastic with an impact resistant bib, stainless steel split rings and two quality saltwater treble hooks (size 4 VMC Perma Steel). The AT100 also features an internal moving weight system, which enables long, accurate casts, even on those windy days. Whether you're chasing bass, pollack or pike, this durable lure is a great choice that offers superb value for money.

4" (100mm)


Diving Depth: up to 5ft (1.5mtrs)

 Sardine (see photo)



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