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Big Bite 2.75" Shad - Pearl (6pcs)

These little shads ffrom Big Bite Baits have a nice flappy tail, which creates a fast, wiggling swimming action when retrieved. Weighing in at 3 grams each, they are excellent lures for use on light gear and have proved to be great for tempting perch, zander and smaller pike. The extra slim body on these shads means that they fold up easily when a fish strikes, helping to reduce missed takes. The same feature also means that they can be rigged weedless 'flat side up' with a wide gape hook, which can be a deadly method in shallow margins during the warmer months. Made in USA, 6pcs per pack (please note that these lures are purchased in bulk and supplied in unbranded packaging).

: 2.75" (7cm)

Weight: 3g

 Pearl (see photo)

£1.99 per pack

Links below to hooks for rigging (see photo above):

Jig Heads - size 1/0

Jig Heads - size 2/0 

Gamakatsu EWG Worm Hook - size 1

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