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Big Bite 4" Creature - Craw Orange Swirl (10pcs)

The Big Bite Baits Creature is an unusual looking soft plastic lure with a slender, cylindrical body, twin curly tail, double fins and additonal body appendages. It can be fished on a jighead or rigged weedless and used on a Carolina or Texas rig. There isn't really a wrong way to fish the Big Bite Creature, it can be worked fast to get plenty of action from the twin tail or slowly twitched to create subtle lifelike movement. This versatility makes it a lure that will work in a wide variety of situations. Each Creature is fortified with 'Bite Juice' for added attraction. Made in the USA, 10pcs per pack.

4" (10cm)

Weight: 7g

 Craw Orange Swirl (see photo)

£3.65 per pack

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